The use of robotic systems in the medical field began in 1985, with the creation of prototypes of various simpler models for different medical fields, until it evolved to its actual model. Such development came in the wake of the popularity of minimally invasive surgery, in order to improve surgery quality and its results.

The Vinci® System model, developed by Intuitive Surgical in California, United States, was launched more than ten years ago and until today it has no equal in the market. The 4 arm Vinci® Surgical System is composed of three main parts:

1)    The patient’s mobile cart, where the equipment’s four articulated arms are located: one for connecting the optical system to capture the images, and three for special instruments (EndoWrist technology, which allows for great security and skill to the surgeon’s movements inside the abdominal cavity) allowing seven kinds of movements, similar to the human hand;

2) The video cart, similar to the conventional laparoscopic video tower, with light source, gas inflator (CO2) and double high definition camera system with three chips;

3) The surgeons’ console through which all the equipment used to perform the operation is run.

The robotic technology uses the principles of laparoscopy, assisting the surgeon with a series of advantages, enabling him to perform a high quality surgery. The system provides the surgeon with greater ergonomics, three-dimensional vision of the surgical field, increases dexterity and accuracy, eliminates hand shaking, allows for movement grading according to its needs, and restores hand/eye coordination.

It can be said that robotics allows for the realization of any conventionally performed surgery, but its greater indication is within the more complex nature surgeries, such as radical prostatectomy (removal of prostate cancer).

The staff of Master Clínica, within the principle of remaining at the forefront in the application of this technology, attended surgical robotics habilitation training at the headquarters of Intuitive Surgical, in California.




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