Urethrocystography voiding with sedation

Examinations in Children

Examination suitable for children under 3 years of age with episode (single) proven urinary tract infection and for children over 3 years with recurrent urinary tract infection. Currently the only test that can diagnose and grade the vesicoureteral reflux (urine from the bladder back into the kidneys), allowing proper treatment. It is also recommended for patients with suspected posterior urethral valves (membrane in the urethral canal which prevents urine output).

In Master Clinical is carried out under sedation (anesthesia), as it allows a better quality of examination with less discomfort for the patient. We have our own team of anesthesiologists, specialists in child anesthesia.


Pediatric ultrasonography

Examinations in Children

Ultrasonography is an excellent test image for children as it allows the diagnosis of major diseases affecting the urinary and genital tract without the use of radiation.

The Master Clinic offers total abdomen ultrasound, kidney, groin, testicular bag with doppler, and others.

We conducted the tests in children of all ages (from a few days old to teenagers). The tests are performed by themselves uropediatras, Dr. Alex Tanaka and Dr. Gustavo Marconi, ultrasound specialists and trained to treat diseases diagnosed in exams.

We offer an environment for the exams, with audiovisual resources, distracting the child, and the use of heated gel (especially for cold days).


Examinations in Children

Examination used to evaluate bladder function in children with symptoms such as urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, urinary frequency and nocturnal enuresis. It also indicates the urodynamics when the child has recurrent urinary tract infection.

It uses a computer program (software) that allows to study the dynamic of urination by filling the bladder through a catheter.

The tests are performed by our pediatric urologists, Dr. Alex Tanaka and Dr. Gustavo Marconi, experts in treating diseases that affect the child’s bladder.
For a higher quality examination, we use visual aids that make the most comfortable method for small patients.


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