Laparoscopic Surgery

In 1898, surgeon von Mikulicz described the use of an ileum segment (terminal part of the small intestine), in order to expand the bladder.  Thus the surgeon gave birth to the surgical treatment of what today is called the “low bladder capacity” and “high pressure bladder”.  Since then, uncountable techniques and variants have been developed.  For such, an ideal substitute for the bladder wall was sought in the usage of all types of segments of the gastrointestinal tract, from the stomach to the sigmoid colon.

After more than one hundred years and the lack of an ideal replacement, the gastrointestinal segment still remains the first choice by most surgeons, when bladder expansion becomes necessary.

The search to increasingly reduce the morbidity inherent in such large and complex surgeries has motivated several researchers to introduce and develop laparoscopic techniques.  Today, the laparoscopic technique for bladder expansion is already standard at MASTER CLINICA’s minimally invasive surgery.



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