Laparoscopic Surgery

Occasionally cystic lesions (water blisters) may appear in the kidney. Eventually, they can become cysts of great volume, which cause complaints of a backache by the compression of the neighboring structures of the kidney, hydronephrosis (renal dilatation) by the obstruction of the ureter and even the localized loss of the kidney, by the compression exerted by the cystic mass.

Until recently, the treatment indicated for the marsupialization of the cyst was done through open surgery, which consisted of the emptying of the cyst’s liquid content and the resection of the whole cystic wall, under a strict caution not to cause hemostasis (to avoid hemorrhage) in the transition with the renal tissue, and filling the layer of the cyst many times over with styptics and biological glue, in order to prevent the urinary fistula.

Nowadays, the handling of such lesions, in the centers that offer laparoscopy, is done through a minimally invasive technique, offering a series of unquestionable advantages to the patient.


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