34th World Endourology Congress – WCE 2016

The 34th World Endourology Congress – WCE 2016, in Cape Town (Cape Town), South Africa, was held on November 8-12, 2016. The theme of the event was: Illuminating the future of Endourogia. The Congress is a forum for the worldwide advancement of minimally invasive urological surgery and provides the focus for global leadership in urology. In order to stay current, a congress of this magnitude serves as a venue to provide participants with a vast amount of information within this field, with the goal of increasing knowledge and competence. Dr. Milton Tatsuo Tanaka, representing the Master Clinic, was present at the event.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is compared to Rio de Janeiro, because it is located between the sea and the mountains. It is the legislative capital and the main tourist city of South Africa, located in the Western Cape region which has the Table Mountain National Park and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve as the main places to be visited. The best time of year to enjoy Cape Town and its beaches is in the summer – from November to March – when temperatures are high and it rains less.


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