In September of 1985, the first kidney transplant of western Paraná was performed with great success by MASTER CLÍNICA, and to this day, it is the only clinic to offer this service in the region.

Kidney transplantation is the preferred method to definitely treat chronic renal failure, allowing patients to stop their dialysis programs. Major developments have occurred over the years in the fields of immunology and donor screening, pharmacology for rejection control, and in the surgery field for organ removal from a living donor. In this particular case, the advent of urologic laparoscopy greatly benefited the kidney donor, since it is minimally invasive.

The living donor, who has to have perfect health, is not subjected to a large opening in the lumbar region, which is very painful and requires a long recovery period. The organ removal is performed by laparoscopy in the lower abdomen region, similar to a mini cesarean (an incision of 5 to 6 centimeters), and is less painful than a conventional lumbar surgery. With this method, the return to everyday activities happens more quickly.



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