Laparoscopic Surgery

One of the most common congenital urinary diseases is the stenosis (narrowing) of the junction between the renal pelvis and the ureter, making it difficult for the urine produced in the kidney to have free flow to the bladder, which can lead to hydronephrosis (renal dilatation) of various degrees and also cause a total loss of the kidney.

Renal plastic surgery, among the various approaches, has been the recommended treatment for some decades, as the best option in this case, with a cure rate of 98%.  In order to perform this type of surgery, it has traditionally been necessary to perform lumbotomy (extended cut in the lumbar region), which is very painful and requires a long hospital stay – which are some of the major disadvantages of the technique.

With the advent of laparoscopic surgery, patients with this type of illness can be treated in a minimally invasive manner, reducing much of the morbidity caused by open surgery, without compromising the results.



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