Master Clínica provides all of the resources for the proper treatment of tumors and is always updated in the execution of “preventative” exams, which in reality are early diagnostic tests, enabling higher cure rates, regardless of the tumor.

Routine imaging exams have been detecting bladder, kidney and adrenal gland tumors. In other words: it is very common for patients to have annual or semiannual check-ups that include imaging exams, and in these occasions, tumors end up being incidentally discovered at an early stage, thus enabling a faster and more efficient treatment.

A recent and major advance, through an extirpative surgical standpoint, is the use of laparoscopy in the treatment of such tumors, which, through conventional surgery, usually require large incisions. The oncologic laparoscopy has proven to be as efficient and safe as the conventional surgery, with the advantage of reducing pain levels and period of hospital internment, as well as requiring less work absence, while offering better cosmetic results as a bonus, especially for women.



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