Laparoscopic Surgery

In thin people or people who have a history of weight loss, kidneys tend to go to a lower displacement due to the reduction of the lumbar fat pad when in the standing position.  This is popularly known as “fallen kidney” and may cause difficulty in draining the urine into the bladder through its own vicious formation of the ureteral folding, causing renal dilation and a backache in the lumbar area as the main complaint.

The surgery for the treatment of this disease is called nephropexy, in other words, surgical fixation of the kidney on the posterolateral wall of the retroperitoneal space. It can be performed by laparoscopy, an innovative technique, with an average operating time of approximately sixty minutes, and a hospital stay of only one day. Thanks to this minimally invasive procedure, patients show complete recovery in a very short time, returning quickly to their professional activities.


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