Laparoscopic Surgery

The kidney can be stricken by a malign tumor and the surgical removal of the organ has been recommended as the main cure treatment.  Classically, this surgery is performed through an open passage, with large incisions, removing, besides the main organ, the whole envelopment and the neighboring tissues, in other words, a block removal, which can be understood as a radical surgery.

However, in the centers where minimally invasive techniques are well developed, this procedure may be performed with all of the recommended radicality, but without the inconvenience of an external scar from the surgical incision, with a much less painful postoperative situation and a much more precocious recovery.

In situations that are not rare, because the neoplastic disease is being diagnosed ever so precociously, especially nowadays, due to the high image resolution exams as a diagnostic method, the patients still have a chance to undergo a more conservative treatment that is, saving the complete extirpation of the kidney.  In that case, the utilization of laparoscopic surgery is also possible, thus bringing unequivocal benefits to the patient.


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