The urodynamic study is intended to evaluate the functioning of the lower urinary tract, which encompasses the bladder and the urethra. In other words, it tries to verify how the bladder performs its two main functions: to store and eliminate urine.

In men, this study greatly assists in the diagnosis of bladder obstruction, usually caused by prostatic hyperplasia.
In women, it helps to characterize the types of involuntary urine loss, either by physical exertion or by strong urinary desire.

This is a painless exam and is accompanied by the urologist and an assistant. The procedure consists in evaluating the dynamics of filling and emptying of the bladder, and this whole process is duly recorded by a machine. The data obtained will enable further analysis and interpretation, aiming at the diagnosis of pathologies such as overactive and neurogenic bladder, in addition to voiding obstruction and incontinence. It assists the physician in determining the treatment and, especially, whether surgery is necessary or not.

Guidance for the exam: Just come with a partially filled bladder, without any discomfort. We do not recommend this procedure during the menstrual period.


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