Master Clínica has a built area of 1.800 m2 with its own power generator, a reception with 3 waiting rooms and 6 doctor’s offices. It offers ultrasound and X-ray services, an urodynamic laboratory and its own internment structure with 10 bedrooms for partial interment.

The clinic’s surgical center is equipped with C-arm X-rays, harmonic scalpel (Sonosurg), different Lithotriptors, for the fragmentation of kidney stones (ultrasonic and ballistic), besides a Holmiun Laser (Dornier) used for kidney stone fragmentation, as well as endoscopic surgeries.

The surgical center also features the latest anesthesiology equipment, and due to the surgical profile of modern Urology, known as minimally invasive, it disposes of HD (High Definition), as well as flexible Nefro and Ureteroscopes for Laparoscopic and Endourologic procedures.

The remaining physical facilities consist of an entire basic infrastructure fully adequate for clinical or surgical treatment, counting on a team of more than 50 professionals, focusing on the complete satisfaction of the patient.

Both, the clinic and its professional team, are regularly registered in the official regulating agencies, customarily inspected by the health surveillance, whose operational requirements are constantly updated. It maintains a customer service, both privately and through health insurance, with several insurers, both self-managing as well as group medicine.


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