Master Clínica is a highly specialized medical clinic in the area of Urology. It also performs in all subspecialties.

It began its activities in 1985, in the city of Cascavel, aiming to introduce and consolidate renal transplant in western Paraná. The success of the enterprise and gradual projection in the city, as one of the centers of excellence in the medical field within the state, motivated the idealization and concretion of a complete service in all areas of Urology.

Located at the current address since 1993, Master Clínica was the pioneer in the region working with Endourology, introducing surgeries for urinary calculi through nephroscopic or ureteroscopic percutaneous access, by use of ultrasonic and ballistic lithotripsy. It brought to Cascavel and its region the first extracorporeal lithotripsy machine by shock waves (calculi fragmentation without surgery). The clinic is also highly experienced in intracorporeal lithotripsy by means of flexible instruments, associated with the use of the Holmium Laser, which is the latest technology innovation in the treatment for urinary calculi.

Master Clínica has a staff of well-trained professionals capable of caring for patients in the area of Pediatric Urology, being the only Urology clinic, up until today, to treat young children with the use of infantile endoscopic instruments

Within Urologic Oncology, for the treatment of malignant tumors, the team has extensive experience with partial nephrectomy (removal of the tumor only), radical cystectomy with continent intestinal reservoir and radical prostatectomy, all performed through a video laparoscopic technique (surgery without incisions).

Master Clínica was the first clinic in the region to perform a urodynamic study on the diagnosis and treatment for voiding dysfunctions, providing two laboratories for this exam. These facilities have enabled the work in a new area called Urogynecology, dedicated to a better understanding and development of minimally invasive techniques, aiming at solving problems, such as involuntary urinary loss and genital prolapse. In 1999, Master Clínica was already one of the pioneers in Brazil, with the use of the TVT (Tension-free Vaginal Tape) technique, which guaranteed its participation on the I National Forum on the subject, in 2003.

By following the evolution of knowledge and technology, Master Clínica maintains its main focus: offer our patients the best of what is available in terms of urological medical assistance. With a highly entrepreneurial spirit, the staff created the Department of Urologic Videolaparoscopy and since 2001, it has been using laparoscopy procedures (surgery through small incisions), quickly becoming one of the pioneers in Brazil, which routinely perform minimally invasive urologic surgeries, for both benign and malignant diseases. The staff’s great experience in the use of this technique and the clinic’s standings within the state and the national urologic scenario has already enabled the implementation, with great success, of five urologic laparoscopy instruction courses.

In the continuous search for staff improvement, Dr. Milton Tanaka went to California, United States, in September of 2007, to receive training for the use of robotics, associated with laparoscopy, becoming one of the first qualified urologists in Brazil to employ such technique.

The academic interest of the team stands out, manifesting itself through the teaching of the subject of Urology in medical colleges of Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (University of Western Paraná) and of Fundação Assis Gurgacz (Assis Gurgacz Foundation).

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